Braj & Brajisma


Braj and Draupadi, husband and wife, have been living in the mountains since many years taking their inspiration from the nature, the sky and music. They were spiritually initiated into bhakti yoga by A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami. They always paint together, and sometimes on the same canvas.

They have exposed in France, Holland and Spain and also at various significant events such as The National Day of Yoga, Ibernature, Holistic Centre-Diagonal and Co-planet at the University of Science in Granada.

In the dawn of the new era, art offers to the world, in the form of painting the experience of visual consciousness, as music opens the doors of the mind by sound. The ancient wisdom of India is reborn and developed through yoga, colour healing and sound vibration.

The spiritual principle of life sends us within reminding us that nature is but an image of the inner reality. Art, medium between matter and spirit can help man to travel through the internal universe towards his true identity. In a cosmic vision, man is seen not only as a separate entity but also in unity with the entire creation. The key of love, peace and harmony on this planet. A tree of knowledge offering a ripened fruit to our time - the time is ripe!


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